Project Description

WOW – Meditation Garden

Planning Permits & Project Management



Duncan Polidano

As oasis of tranquillity amidst a concrete labyrinth of leisure and entertainment, the WOW (Wishing Others Well) meditation garden offers an alternative space for meditation and spiritual healing.

Designed in collaboration with acclaimed local architect Richard England, the Word Meditation Garden is situated atop the two rooftops of WOW. The garden is inspired by Peter Calamatta’s book entitled Maltese Plants in the Bible and is essentially a reflection of this book, turned into reality. This is made possible by illustrating selected quotes from these texts onto panels against the walls that’s would best inspire users of the space. Furthermore, each quote is accompanied by a corresponding Maltese tree that was mentioned within the Bible.

The garden is divided into two distinct spaces named Hippo and Casiciaco, once again inspired by biblical nomenclature. These names are identifiable with the story of St. Augustine, whereby the saint regularly met with companions to meditate in Hippo while Casiciaco is the area where St Augustine was baptised.

The details and the colour scheme employed within the garden are critical in ensuring a calm and tranquil environment while the presence of two trees, dubbed The Tree of Knowledge and The Three of Life, masterminded by artist Noel Attard, act as the centrepieces of these two spaces.

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