Project Description


Project from start to finish

Prof. Richard England

In Progress


Duncan Polidano

The garden of a vernacular townhouse located outside of the urban conservation area of the village of Żabbar has become the opportune location for the conception of a private chapel, designed in collaboration with Prof. Richard England. Set within a tranquil garden setting enjoying outwards views extending over the rural landscapes surrounding the property, the proposed place of worship is to be the focal point of the external space, strategically positioned between two bodies of water. The structure itself is of modest size, intended to remain an intimate and spiritual sanctuary hosting no more than a handful of people at a time.

The contemporary design for the shrine is invigorated by the conscious choice of colours; both internally and externally. As one of the three primary colours found in nature, blue has spiritual connotations signifying the divine healing powers. Moreover, the colour white is also delicately introduced in the concrete structures that embody crucifix symbols that are synonymous with places of Catholic worship. The energy infused by the colour schemes for the chapel are also imbued within proposed concrete elements consisting of a series of architectural elements such as arches, columns and geometric shapes that surround the entirety of the garden, attempting to provide a spiritual context in conjunction with the chapel itself.

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