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Duncan Polidano

Designing franchised premises brings with it unique challenges particularly ones related to site-specific conditions. Tackling a drive-thru restaurant with the Burger King® brand on a Paola main street were plentiful. Establishing the corporate identity combined with high quality exterior and interior spaces, together with the signage and branding to fit within the restrictions of the site required an iterative process in designing a functional layout over one floor by implementing a pavilion concept. Hence, the restaurant will be serviced by a fully operational kitchen for both walk-in customers and motorists through the Drive-Thru experience. A specialised conformity with the traffic management system of Paola was also required due to the proposed drive-through facility that is to be a reflection of the quality and standards of the Burger King® brand. This experience is to be a continuous journey for the customer that aims to be memorable in a fresh and positive way.

The design of the building itself conveys quality, authenticity and good taste in the form of a one-storey pavilion eatery attaining a spatial experience which enhances the client experience through food. Large windows onto the busy street allow the interior design to be put on display. Moreover, the presence of architectural screens emphasise the facade and help to define the outdoor area, while also providing shade for the inner restaurant. Warm timbers and bold colours are also key aspects that bring back Burger King’s heritage, quality and the authenticity of the grill. Ultimately, by extending the indoor language to the outside, the connections are completed, underscoring an image of enjoying fresh tasty food that consistently delivers in a welcoming space.

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